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 Pit Bull WC~Freestyle/Greco

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PostSubject: Pit Bull WC~Freestyle/Greco   Pit Bull WC~Freestyle/Greco Icon_minitimeTue 1 Mar - 8:44

I know the high school season just finished, but I would like to get the information out their about the Pit Bull Wrestling Club ofr those of you interested in expanding your wrestling base and interested in wrestling freestyle and greco roman. We have had a lot of interest from high sschool aged kids and coaches alike. Last year we had kids from four different high schools.

So here is the deal:
-We will be starting our club practices on Wed March 9th from 5-7:30 in Hanahan High School's wrestling room. Regular practices will be Mon/Wed from 5-7:30 with supplemental practices periodically.

-There is a club fee of $75 for all members. This helps defray some of the travel expenses and entitles you to a club shirt as well as club coaching, travelling with the group, and coaching at events. EVERYONE must have a valid USA Wrestling card prior to wrestling in the club or stepping foot on the mats. Most of the out of state events we go to require this. It also provides supplemental insurance and removes liability for Hanahan High School. No Card, no wrestle.

-We wrestle freeestyle and greco. Practices are structured and geared towards helping kids that are training for national aspirations. We show a myriad of technique, but everything is meant to flow together and geared towards "advanced" fundamentals. My philosophy is if it won't work against the best competition in the country, it is not worth the time. Practices combine a mix of technique, phased drilling, practicing throws and lifts (we use throwing mats), live wrestling, and some open mat time.

-Pit Bull WC competes in events starting the weekend after AAU/SCYWAY states. We travel as a group to competitive tournaments in FL, NC, GA, SC, and elsewhere. Any member is welcome to travel with us. We encourage it and want everyone to bond as a group.

-There are no "starters" at weights. If we have five guys at 130, so be it. All are able to enter into tournaments wherever they wish. We will NOT be pushing guys to cut weight for local events. The freestyle/greco season is about getter better, finding your niche, having fun, and beating up kids throughout the southeast. Not cutting weight.

-Though I am down to earth and like to keep things loose. Practice is structured. If you want to come in and play grab-a**, this is not the club for you. We are competitive and expect to handle business when we go to events. It does not matter what skill level you are currently at, we only ask that you have heart and work hard. We will take a newbie that is willing to try vs a skilled guy that is a detraction any day.

-Periodically we will have pre-arranged guest clinicians from other areas that are approved by US. Otherwise, myself and Coach Lewis run practices. Parents are welcome to come in and watch practice. We want them to learn the rules and flow so they don't spaz out at the explosiveness, physicality, and high amplitude moves in their first tournaments.

-Though practices are currently at Hanahan High School, these are not "Hanahan" practices. Practices are open to kids from any high school. Hanahan is just kind enough to allow us to use their facilities and it is centrally located for most people in the Charleston area.

We like to have a good time and help get the kids comfortable on the mat. We d otravel a lot and encourage kids to attend all practices and events that they can. The more you put into the club, The more you'll get out of it. That being said, it is the off season for most. You are in no way obligated to go to every event. Below is the link to our club site:


There is more information there.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to oblige


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Pit Bull WC~Freestyle/Greco
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