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PostSubject: PIT BULL CLUB BOYCOTTS NIKE   Sat 2 Jul - 7:37

There are not many things I feel as strong about but next to my kids and wife are my dogs.
The name of the pit bull club came strait from my love for my dogs, and with Coach Ingrams (LEX) marketing skills, he has damn near made my dog Bam Bam famous.
Nike has signed Vick to a new deal.
Once your one you will always be one. That can go for alot of things in life.
HE IS A DOG KILLER. Next to a child molester, that is , in my eyes the worst thing you can be.
I challenge other clubs and teams to do the same.
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Lex L.

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PostSubject: Re: PIT BULL CLUB BOYCOTTS NIKE   Sat 2 Jul - 8:04

I don't get the relationship with Vick.
For a company so very protective of their image (think them dumping Tiger Woods) that seems like a bad match.
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PostSubject: Re: PIT BULL CLUB BOYCOTTS NIKE   Sun 17 Jul - 20:36

Opinion and action respected....but he paid by spending his time in prison....I guess if you were/are a parent and your child done something so horrific you might think twice and think he deserved a second chance....or would you just push him to the side....If i am correct he has done nothing since leaving prison that would give one the thought that he has not changed as a person....he made some horrific decisions and did a terrible thing i agree....but has he learned from it? and has he been more of an ambassador to the human society than most since that time? Nike, may have more incite into Vick as a person than we or the media does...I dont think they would just pick up the phone and say come on over to Nike.....I have pets (dogs) also, love them....but forgiveness is just that, you do or you dont....And if another brand is for you than I respect that....I hope you just dont push your views and desires on the young ones, they dont understand and that should be left up to the parent....I assume you would not let someone practice in a Nike shirt....or just not allow the club to purchase or participate in a nike sponsored event....again your opinion is just that "Yours"....
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PostSubject: Re: PIT BULL CLUB BOYCOTTS NIKE   Thu 28 Jul - 21:26

Hmmm...well didn't the head of Proctor and Gamble say there were not enough Christians in the world to get mad about his inflammatory atheistic comments and boycott? Let's see - Didn't Levis and Strauss pull support of the boyscouts of America because they have a motto against homosexuality? If you play this boycott game you may be walking around stinking and naked! Scared to know what other examples are out there. Laughing
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