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 TEAM PALMETTO HS.......from Jerry Wigger

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PostSubject: TEAM PALMETTO HS.......from Jerry Wigger   Mon 21 Feb - 17:09

Starting to get some applications in. I also have been getting questions on how things are going to work. The first thing I will say is the way this is getting set up is through seeing how things have worked at all Team Palmetto levels, so if you have suggestions, or don't like the way it is set up- feel free to contact me so I can tell you too bad. Next year someone else can tweek it some.

Anyway, here goes:

All Applications will be considered with the following in mind- 1) We want the best wrestlers we can put on the mat 2) If you are not willing to commit to us- we will not commit to you. Every time one of these teams is put together- we have poeple who flake out at the last minute and we are scrambling to get people to fill in- it even happened with the awesome team we put together last year. If you do not want to practice- don't agree to be on the team.
At the State Tournament- I will be handing out Applications to the top 2 finishers in all divisions and all weights. Again- if you do not want to commit- tell me. If you fill out a form- we will assume you are committing, but you can still say no up until the time we start practicing- which will be 6 weeks out from the competitions we enter. You do not have to be in the top 2 at State to be on the team- if the past is any indication- many of those people will not want to be on the team or will not be able to.

There is a committee of 1 deciding who will be on the team. Don't get mad at the Team Palmetto guys- get mad at me. I will be consulting others, but I will take all the heat when your kid doesn't get selected.

We will be taking up $100 from each wrestler who is selected. This is a Commitment Fee. In all likelihood- you will get this back. Last year the trip was free because of fund raising and Team Palmetto funding. If the same thing happens, I will be giving the Commitment Fee back to each wrestler, but because people had no stake in committing in the past- we want there to be a disincentive to back out. If you back out- Team Palmetto keeps the $100.

We will have 3 designated practice sites: 1 in the upstate 1 in the Columbia area and 1 in the lowerstate. Like we did last year, we will have people like Jeff Ragan, Keegan Mueller, Plamen Paskalev, Jesse Ruiz and other All American caliber coaches coming to the practices from time to time to provide instruction in addition to what you are getting from the Team Palmetto Coaches. I haven't finalized the Coaches yet, but I am getting close. They will be the highest level coaches who have a clear track record and are committed to what we are trying to do.

We will have 2 Teams- Team A and Team B. Some of the positions will probably be self evident, but in any close call situations, we will have wrestleoffs to see who is on team A and team B. If you aren't showing up for practices and your dog hasn't died, you may not get a wrestle off even if you are one of the 2 selected. We also will have backups for each team. For example- at Disney we get to have either 2 or 3 backups, so there are more than just the 14 weights selected.

We will have between 2 and 4 competitions, depending on how things go. One of those will be Disney Duals. (This year we plan on having a day after the competitions to go to one of the parks) We are looking at several others to try to pick the best one or ones to go to.

We made a lot of noise last year and had a lot of success. This year I hope to see us do even better. The more we show up at these National Events and the better we do, the more we have recruiters looking at the kids in our state. For everyone's sake, lets get together another great couple of teams and go kick some other state's behinds.

Questions? email me at jwigger@wiggerlawfirm.com
or call at 843-224-2270 (cell)

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1-1/2 Nelson

1-1/2 Nelson

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PostSubject: Re: TEAM PALMETTO HS.......from Jerry Wigger   Mon 21 Feb - 18:38

Jerry, can you give the Disney Date and the practice dates these wrestlers are committing to...
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PostSubject: Re: TEAM PALMETTO HS.......from Jerry Wigger   Thu 3 Mar - 11:50

I was asked by a number of folks at the State Tournament about being on Team Palmetto. I told them to go to the website (Team Palmetto) and fill out an application and email it, or fill out an application at the tournament. I had guys handing out applications at the awards stand. If you do not have an application in- don't complain if you are not selected.

I was surprized about how few I had in some of the weight classes.In my mind- this goes to the committment thing I posted about earlier. If you can't take the time to fill out an application-do you really want to be on the team?

Will be doing 3 events-
1- Palmetto Duals- Apr 16 at The Citadel
2- Michigan Duals- Date to be announced but sometime in May
3- Disney Duals- June

email applications to jwigger@wiggerlawfirm.com

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PostSubject: Re: TEAM PALMETTO HS.......from Jerry Wigger   

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TEAM PALMETTO HS.......from Jerry Wigger
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